pretty peonies…

March 8, 2012

images courtesy of pinterest

I adore peonies and whenever I see them it makes me think how romantic these full soft blooms are and how perfect they are for a bridal bouquet or within a table setting. These gorgeous flowers are a very popular choice for weddings as they mean ‘happy life’ and ‘happy marriage.’

Peonies are one of the more expensive choices of flower so if a bouquet full of them is out of the question, don’t worry as they complement other smaller flowers beautifully. Peonies come in a wide range of colours from the classic white and pale pink to vibrant fuchsia and coral –  simply mix with greenery, roses or tulips for a stylish bouquet.


table ideas: hydrangeas

August 17, 2011

image courtesy of elizabeth anne designs

Hydrangeas are a favourite choice of flower for weddings but you tend to see them used more commonly in low level displays and for bridal bouquets which makes this floral display all the more striking. The mix of blue, white and green hydrangeas are arranged so we can appreciate their full bloom and height at three levels in tall glass vases while the combination of tall and short candles make sure that it has an almost ethereal quality making it perfect for an evening wedding.