kate aspen favours…

October 5, 2011

images courtesy of kate aspen

Looking for the finishing touches to your table? Perhaps you’re having a beach wedding or a Parisian theme to your day then why not visit Kate Aspen for a unique selection of wedding favours and table placecards. From Eiffel Tower bottle stoppers to wine bottle tealights and mini cheese boards Kate Aspen has a wide selection of fun favours to choose from.


mini cakes favours…

September 13, 2011

image courtesy of bridal snob

Now I know these are a bit silly and you’re probably not going to have the patience to sit there icing loads of mini cakes for each of your guests but I just had to share this as pictured on bridal snob. How cute are these mini cake tins? Can you imagine being able to serve them as a wedding favour? I think they are so sweet and I might even be tempted to seek out a cake tin just like this to try them out for myself.

budget wedding favours…

August 25, 2011

image courtesy of the busy budgeting mama

If you’re looking for some purse friendly wedding favours, these bubbles will keep both adults and kids alike entertained. You can easily make these yourself, simply fill bottles with bubble mix, include a bubble wand made from coloured pipe cleaners and decorate with ribbons and a pretty label with you and hubby’s name and date of the wedding on.


images courtesy of heavenly blooms, i do it yourself, king arthur flour, pininterest & luna and chloe wedding

If you fancy a destination wedding why not consider Mexico. There are plenty of beautiful resorts which cater for weddings like the Palmilla One&Only Resort in Los Cabos where you can enjoy the glorious sunshine and if you fancy add a bit of the local culture and tradition to your day. I love the idea of the handpainted maracas as wedding favours for your guests and why not opt for local plants instead of flowers like these cacti centrepieces. Let’s not forget that a wedding in Mexico can’t be done without sampling the local tequilas and food. The innovative presentation of the mini tequila, limes and tortillas turns them into their very own centrepieces.

images courtesy of love my dress, style me pretty and bakerella

Ever since I was first introduced to macarons by a Parisian friend who had the traditional macaron croquembouche as her wedding cake I have been obsessed with them. Since then they have become incredibly popular for weddings transcending beyond their french origin but you can understand why, especially you see these inspiring photoshoots. There is something so wonderfully nostalgic and just plain pretty about them with their gorgeous colours and let’s not forget how delicious they taste. 

So now after said friend gave me a recipe book on how to make the perfect macaron, I’ll be testing out my baking and creativity skills so that I will be able to enjoy my own little macaron delights. However as they say they are very difficult to perfect, for now I’ll be getting my macaroon fix from one of these highly recommended confectioners – Macarons & More by Tim Kinnaird and the original Laduree.  

If you don’t fancy them as your main wedding cake then why not have them as wedding favours instead or simply place them in small glass bowls on the table as an alternative dessert. Or for something truly different take a look at Bakerella and Tartelette who have combined cake pops and macarons for something cute and fun and perfect as a wedding favour – the macaron pop!

images courtesy of athomerome.blogspot.com 

In addition to being lucky enough to be a bridesmaid, I’m also lucky enough to be an Italian bridesmaid as the wedding is being held there next year. The bridal party recently visited Italy (more on this to follow) and while wandering through the cobbled streets of Sulmona, a small Italian village in Abruzzo we came across row after row of shops selling confetti flowers. Confetti flowers or confetti bomboniera is a traditional Italian wedding favour which is essentially sugared almonds or chocolate filled candy wrapped in brightly coloured cellophane which are then fashioned into daisies, butterflies, ladybugs and many other flowers. These cute and quirky candies make brilliant wedding favours especially if you are having a spring or summer wedding. These are available in a wide range of colours including brights like pink or orange or pastel colours like lilac and yellow. In keeping with tradition the flowers contain five almonds that form the petals each representing a wish for health, wealth, long life, fertility and happiness.