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As you have probably seen from previous posts, I am rather fond of birdcage veils. I think they are a really beautiful alternative to a traditional veil but when adding up costs for your outfit the veil can turn out to be quite an expensive addition.

If you fancy testing out your sewing skills (or perhaps your mom’s) then Project Wedding shows you how to make your own birdcage veil.

Alternatively view this one on Wedding Chicks created by Hilton Pittman alongside Haut Fin designs


choosing a veil…

August 27, 2011

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Choosing whether to wear a veil is a personal preference these days for brides. There are so many options to choose from including full length, teardrop, elbow length or birdcage while some simply opt for nothing at all and instead wear a vintage headband or flowers. But where exactly does the tradition for wearing a veil come from. In previous centuries the majority of marriages were arranged by the parents of the bride and groom and it was custom that the groom didn’t see the bride until she unveiled her face with the lifting of the veil.

However as with many wedding traditions, they are based in superstition and the veil was originally worn to protect against evil spirits and the evil eye. The bride wore her veil as a disguise so that evil spirits who hated weddings and were jealous of the bride’s happiness, would not know who she was and couldn’t create a disturbance on the day. Visit Twigs and Honey for a beautiful selection of vintage style veils or for a wider choice check out The Wedding Veil Shop.


romantic curls…

August 26, 2011

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As the wedding is being held in Italy, it is going to be pretty warm at that time of year so I think both the bride and the bridesmaids will be wearing their hair up. If you’re not planning on wearing a veil then you can afford to make your hair the focus with a big intricate updo.

These romantic curled hairstyles are so beautiful – very reminiscent of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Twisted, curled, knotted and pinned, these detailed styles make enough of a statement that you can either just wear them as is or they can be accented with a pretty vintage clip or sparkly headband. I only wish I could re-create something like this myself!

birdcage veils…

August 11, 2011

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j. crewbhldn & twigs & honey

With the 1940’s making a big reference on the catwalk for Autumn/Winter in the shape of ladylike glamour, midi skirts and tea dresses; this trend will no doubt inspire any bride currently planning her own wedding who is looking for an elegant vintage inspired look. Birdcage veils are already a popular choice for those who don’t wish to wear a traditional full length veil and are perfect for injecting some retro glamour to your bridal look. Lily Bella is worth a look for a beautiful selection of birdcage veils or check out BHLDN for veils with a quirky twist such as this Etoile birdcage veil with knotted velvet starbursts and definitely take a peek at US based Twigs and Honey which I love for the soft, romantic photography of their french inspired veils.

something blue…

August 3, 2011

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As the old saying goes, ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’. While some wedding traditions have slowly fallen by the wayside, this is one which even the modern bride still follows. The first three are easier to achieve but the something blue requires a bit more creativity. If your colour scheme allows it then why not choose blue flowers like hydrangeas or just a few small individual blue flowers in the bouquet. 

For a beautiful contrast to a white or ivory dress, choose a blue satin sash or blue shoes, which of course immediately reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City and those famous Manolo Blahniks. If blue isn’t in your colour scheme then why not get the date of your wedding or initials stitched into the inside of your dress or pin a pretty blue vintage brooch to your dress. Or why not take inspiration from Kate Moss and wear a pair of shoes with a blue insole such as the Fifi collection from Filippa Scott.

granny’s attic…

August 2, 2011

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Today’s post comes courtesy of our bride to be after a wonderful and unexpected discovery over the weekend. Visiting her gran and auntie at the weekend, she started talking about this dress she has seen, a bit of lace, a bit of beading, vintage style…. and all of a sudden her aunt jumps up, runs to the shed and comes back with a ladder and promptly climbs up to the attic and emerges with an old tupperware box entitled ‘family wedding tiara’. Feeling one of those moments coming on where you’re going to have to politely decline wearing the family tiara especially when her aunt says she wore it at her wedding in the eighties but instead she pulls back the tissue paper to see a delicate vintage tiara with little ivory wax flowers that resemble tiny little pearls – simple but beautiful. 

The history behind the tiara is that her great great grandmother originally wore it to her wedding in 1911 which makes it exactly 100 years old and its been worn since by her great grandmother, her grandmother and her aunt so a real family heirloom. It just goes to show even if you think that yours is a family that would never have a vintage or family heirloom, if you are a bride to be it’s definitely worth asking any of your elderly relatives. This tiara as it happens hasn’t been worn for 25 years and they had completely forgotten about it. 

For those of us not lucky enough to have a family heirloom hidden up in the attic there are some gorgeous shops out there that sell either original or replica vintage tiaras, headpieces, combs and jewellery. A few favorites worth a look are The Vintage Wedding Dress Company, Charlotte Casedejus, Flo and PercyMagpie Vintage and Queens and Bowl.