phoebe and the letterpress…

September 8, 2011

images courtesy of phoebe and the letterpress

So I thought I’d introduce you to a friend of mine’s lovely stationery company that she runs. Phoebe and the Letterpress creates bespoke stationery for parties, holidays, thank you cards and of course wedding stationery. It all started when she decided to make her own stationery for her wedding. Phoebe and the Letterpress uses traditional letterpress printing, which involves stamping an inked plate with raised letters, to create unique, hand printed gorgeous stationery.

I really love this idea of using traditional techniques for your wedding stationery as the stamps used are designed by Phoebe and the Letterpress so will be entirely personal to your wedding. Using letterpress also gives a wonderful tactile quality to the stationery and  all stationery is printed on 100% acid free cotton paper  – simply beautiful.

To find out more visit


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