pretty hanging lanterns…

September 7, 2011

images courtesy of (C) Portraits By Lucinda, LLC &  Pinterest

These hanging lanterns caught my eye as the bride has described something very similar as possible inspiration for her own wedding. The thing about getting married in Italy is that you are lucky enough to have to option to have the reception outside if you wish to and the location itself adds a lot to the style and ambience of the wedding. I don’t think you would need much in the way of flowers or decorations and these pretty lanterns show how simple is best and in the evenings the candle light will just add to the romance of the venue.


3 Responses to “pretty hanging lanterns…”

  1. Hi! I found one of my images on your blog today. I noticed that you used my images but did not give me credit. The only credit you gave was Pinterest and Middle of the Map Weddings?!?! Middle of The Map Weddings had nothing to do with this shoot, they posted these images because they had permission from me. I ask that you either delete your following post or put in the proper credit information

    (C) Portraits By Lucinda, LLC

    my image is the pretty cake table with hanging lanterns.

    When publishing peoples work it is so important to get permission and at the very least provide proper credit information and links back to their websites. I am happy that you liked these images enough to post though!

    Thank you.


    • nicola Says:

      Many apologies for this. I linked back to Middle of my Weddings but appreciate that it was not credited correctly. I do take every care where possible to credit it back to where I sourced it from. I will amend and email you once it is done.

      Once again, I am very sorry to have caused any offence.


    • nicola Says:

      Hi Lucinda,

      Please find the post amended with the correct credit details. I hope this is ok but if you would like anything changed just let me know.

      Best wishes

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