design your own wedding shoe…

August 22, 2011

While deciding the dress is very important, make sure you don’t forget about your shoes. As you’ll be on your feet most of the day chatting to friends and family and let’s not forget dancing; its worth spending a bit more money on a decent pair of shoes to ensure your feet are as comfortable as possible. If you fancy yourself a bit of a designer why not check out Upper Street where you can create your own shoes.

Already a favourite amongst fashionistas, they also have a bridal section where you can design your own pair of wedding shoes from scratch. You get a beautiful pair of handmade shoes where you can choose the style, material, straps, embellishments, colour and heel height. There is no shortage of choice so it ensures that you have a unique pair of shoes for your big day.


4 Responses to “design your own wedding shoe…”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I’m getting married next month and have gifted all of my bridesmaids to design their shoes at Uppper Street. They were over the moon – they’ve all ordered marine shoes to suit their own style. Of course none will outshine my own design!

    • nicola Says:

      Wow that is such a lovely idea for your bridesmaids. Might have to drop hints to my friend!! 🙂 you’ll have to let me know how fabulous your shoes are – I’m sure everyone will love them

  2. Roisin Says:

    This site is amazing, I am so going to design my shoes from there. Thanks for the tip my dear x

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