everyone’s favourite macaron…

August 4, 2011

images courtesy of love my dress, style me pretty and bakerella

Ever since I was first introduced to macarons by a Parisian friend who had the traditional macaron croquembouche as her wedding cake I have been obsessed with them. Since then they have become incredibly popular for weddings transcending beyond their french origin but you can understand why, especially you see these inspiring photoshoots. There is something so wonderfully nostalgic and just plain pretty about them with their gorgeous colours and let’s not forget how delicious they taste. 

So now after said friend gave me a recipe book on how to make the perfect macaron, I’ll be testing out my baking and creativity skills so that I will be able to enjoy my own little macaron delights. However as they say they are very difficult to perfect, for now I’ll be getting my macaroon fix from one of these highly recommended confectioners – Macarons & More by Tim Kinnaird and the original Laduree.  

If you don’t fancy them as your main wedding cake then why not have them as wedding favours instead or simply place them in small glass bowls on the table as an alternative dessert. Or for something truly different take a look at Bakerella and Tartelette who have combined cake pops and macarons for something cute and fun and perfect as a wedding favour – the macaron pop!


2 Responses to “everyone’s favourite macaron…”

  1. bexkitchen Says:

    I have made these from a packet mix and am yet to try the real thing – they look so good x

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