granny’s attic…

August 2, 2011

images courtesy of flo & percy, charlotte casadejus, bhldn & magpie vintage

Today’s post comes courtesy of our bride to be after a wonderful and unexpected discovery over the weekend. Visiting her gran and auntie at the weekend, she started talking about this dress she has seen, a bit of lace, a bit of beading, vintage style…. and all of a sudden her aunt jumps up, runs to the shed and comes back with a ladder and promptly climbs up to the attic and emerges with an old tupperware box entitled ‘family wedding tiara’. Feeling one of those moments coming on where you’re going to have to politely decline wearing the family tiara especially when her aunt says she wore it at her wedding in the eighties but instead she pulls back the tissue paper to see a delicate vintage tiara with little ivory wax flowers that resemble tiny little pearls – simple but beautiful. 

The history behind the tiara is that her great great grandmother originally wore it to her wedding in 1911 which makes it exactly 100 years old and its been worn since by her great grandmother, her grandmother and her aunt so a real family heirloom. It just goes to show even if you think that yours is a family that would never have a vintage or family heirloom, if you are a bride to be it’s definitely worth asking any of your elderly relatives. This tiara as it happens hasn’t been worn for 25 years and they had completely forgotten about it. 

For those of us not lucky enough to have a family heirloom hidden up in the attic there are some gorgeous shops out there that sell either original or replica vintage tiaras, headpieces, combs and jewellery. A few favorites worth a look are The Vintage Wedding Dress Company, Charlotte Casedejus, Flo and PercyMagpie Vintage and Queens and Bowl.


2 Responses to “granny’s attic…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That is amazing, How exciting.

  2. nicola Says:

    It really is. It just shows what can be hiding in your family’s attics.

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