two birds with one stone…

July 20, 2011

Bridesmaid dress shopping can sometimes be fraught with more anxiety than shopping for the bride. When you take a group of girls and try to find one unifying dress it can seem like the world’s most impossible task. Do you dress them all the same or allow different variations on the same colour or like some modern brides are doing, just let them wear whatever pretty dress they’d like?

A really fantastic brand which I discovered is two birds. Originally set up in the states by Ariane Goldman, it came about after Ariane was trying to source affordable bridesmaid dresses for her own wedding that would allow her friends to look and feel beautiful while maintaining consistency and elegance for the pictures. The solution: a multi-functional dress that doesn’t compromise on style that can be worn in 15 different ways to suit each and every one of your bridesmaids and can then be worn again and again.

Available in a wide range of colours as well as different lengths and 15 different wrapping options so whether you have two or six bridesmaids there is guaranteed to be a style to keep everyone happy. Make an appointment at the shop in Nottinghill or visit online to order swatches and samples.


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